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Is WhatsApp a good social bookmarking platform for digital marketing?

Whenever we talk of Social Bookmarking, we must get a few things cleared out well and good. Those that invariably include a crispy bookmarking platform, which provides you with enough option to market or share your contents and links.

WhatsApp is a private messenger chat room, which people use to stay in touch with their personal contacts, friends, family, and acquaintances.

So, can you use this platform to do social bookmarking? Chances are, this is a high risk platform; as people don’t encourage business that much over WhatsApp.

Now, you can very well say that you are getting an inbuilt option from WhatsApp to promote your business. It is the WhatsApp Business application, which you can use to connect with your clients and digitally broadcast messages to them.

However, it is not quite adequate enough to only rely on WhatsApp for just sending messages. You can surely venture out to include some other interesting strategies on WhatsApp, and they are bound to increase your sales and visibility.

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What is Social Bookmarking?  And, how is it different from Social Sharing?

Most notably, people always tend to confuse the real meaning of social bookmarking. In fact, this terminology is often used interchangeably with Social Sharing.

Even though Social Bookmarking is a sub section of Social Sharing, yet it is exclusively applicable to all related to web content and gateway links.

Let’s explain this with an example.

Social Sharing is a broader term, where you can share any type of media and content with the public or profiles, who are associated with you on Social Networking Sites.

It is pretty well understood that Social Sharing is somewhat equal to Bookmarking. Still, Bookmarking is confined to the sharing of links and clickable elements, which redirect the web traffic towards the websites or webpages of your preferences.

On the other hand, Social Sharing involves mostly non-clickable elements, like videos, photos, written texts, messages, etc.

The Digital Marketing taxonomy has taken the word Social Bookmarking from the primitive meaning of Bookmarking itself – it is saving the favourite/most visited web links of yours on your web browser.

Only in Social Bookmarking, you will be saving your favourite links on bookmarking platforms, which is technically visible to the whole world.

Is WhatsApp a great Social Bookmarking tool?

As we all know, WhatsApp is by default a messaging app. You can only connect on with people on WhatsApp who are already a part of your Contacts List.

It is impossible to access WhatsApp without a valid Cellular number. This is exactly what makes WhatsApp a trickier place to market your business, in the first place.

Since you are connecting with people on their personal cell. Phone numbers, hence you can be sure that one unwanted message from your side will results in blocks and bans.

WhatsApp is definitely not a very good bookmarking tool. Still you can make it function like one.

Here’s how WhatsApp can work as a Social Bookmarking platform:

  • A Broadcast group acts like a Community:

On WhatsApp you may not have the ability to create a community, like you have in Reddit or Facebook; still you have the power to build your own groups where you are able to broadcast messages.

The broadcast groups are very efficient. If all the members in the Broadcast Group, or of any group you create, are consenting to accept messages from your end or business; then you can be very sure that all these members are getting counted under selected organic traffic, which is way more efficient than blind bookmarking on wide open social bookmarking platforms.

Therefore, it is advised that you should be making use of your WhatsApp group features and Broadcast messaging as a powerful digital marketing tool.

  • Individual message links ensure a high organic traffic:

This is applicable to all types of messenger applications, including WhatsApp. We can assert that E-Mail marketing is the precursor of individual messaging strategy.

Individual message promotions are still the king of all marketing.

WhatsApp only simplifies the process for you. 

WhatsApp Business was meant to work on this formula. It was developed to help small businesses reach people over cellular networks, instead of web based online platforms.

The biggest power that WhatsApp offers a business is the authenticity of user traffic. You know very well that more than 99% of personal users on WhatsApp are human. 

Yes; they might exist on fake IDs, yet they are human at the end of the day. Plus, WhatsApp has one of the highest click through rates, as majority of users open WhatsApp notifications within a few seconds of receiving a message notification.

Hence any link, you share on WhatsApp, has more than 90% chance of getting clicked by the user. 

  • WhatsApp provides speed sharing of contents and links:

Another important feature of WhatsApp is easy sharing and fast forwarding of messages.

If you can make the users like the links and content that you share, then they will be doing the needful sharing for you. WhatsApp is a place where sharing occurs more frequently than the maximum number of other social sharing platforms.

And most importantly, all these sharing are done on a highly authentic organic traffic line.

Therefore it is pretty much justified that WhatsApp is indeed a great sharing tool, and a bookmarking tool too if used accurately.

Now, those are the points that clearly states why WhatsApp can be considered a bookmarking tool. On top of that, to boost your content sharing and increase the reachability by contacting more number of users at the same time, you can take help of WhatsApp bulk messaging softwares.

That’s that then, as of now.

Use WhatsApp efficiently to make the most out of your digital marketing plans. See you soon on the next post!

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