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Why sending unlimited WhatsApp messages with WASHOOT is fast, easy, and simple?

There have been some recent upgrades that we have implemented on WASHOOT. And, the new features are absolutely nailing down a seamless User Interface.

Due to this reason, we at WhatApp Wizards thought of coming up with a dedicated blog post for our brand new WASHOOT software. The current features have moved our bulk messaging process to a whole new level.

This post is beneficial for both who are already using the software, and those who don’t know about it yet. Let’s fasten up the points one by one, and see why WASHOOT is your best tool for sending unlimited WhatsApp messages.

 **If you are using WASHOOT, then visit our website; and request your free update today.

1. Easier and faster installation:

We have made a few tweaks to our installation process. Once you download the software, you will be prompted to extract the files.

Then you just click on the ‘.exe’ file, and the installation is done within a few seconds. No hassle and trouble.

Easy for those, who don’t want to spend time scratching their heads for installing a programme.

We have also made sure that the login setup is more convenient than before. On top of that, our software now accepts excel sheets for updating the contacts list.

So, any of your preset contact list can be easily uploaded to the software.

2. A new 1 crore Contact List:

This is what makes WASHOOT a software like no other. We have now provided, in our database, a tested contact list of nearly 1 crore authentic phone numbers.

This will totally help you to kickstart your WhatsApp bulk message marketing, and will let you stay ahead of your competitors.

Your business is our concern too.

Make full use of this list.

And the best part is, this list is updated regularly; and is absolutely FREE!

3. Automated report generation:

Every good bulk messaging software needs to generate reports for the convenience of the user.

With our recent updates, WASHOOT is now able to generate automated messaging reports after each messaging session. So you can forget about doing the manual hard work, of curating a message list, each time you complete a process.

It is highly important that you get a report of every messaging session. Else, it can be very difficult to get back to your potential leads, while omitting the unnecessary contacts.

Your business reputation creates your brand value. Repeated messages, to uninterested contacts, will only get you blocked.

That’s not at all good for your brand image.

Ultimately, our aim has always been to give you a hassle free user experience. And with the help of our experienced programmers, WASHOOT is truly the ‘hands down’ best tool for sending unlimited WhatsApp messages.

4. Custom time interval settings:

WhatsApp has become very strict with its policy of bulk messaging. You can’t wish to send multiple messages simultaneously.

That’s why we have developed custom time interval settings. You can now set time intervals that will force the application to wait, for a stipulated time, in between two consecutive messages.

When compared to other softwares that help you for sending unlimited WhatsApp messages, WASHOOT is a step higher. It lets you decide how you want to schedule your bulk messaging process.

But, it is still recommended to give a minimum of 3 seconds gap between two messages. With WASHOOT, you can even increase the gap to any amount of time you like.

So, what are you waiting for?

Grab your update today, and enjoy a bulk messaging experience like none. WASHOOT’s algorithm will also take care that you are not violating the privacy policy of WhatsApp, while you are sending unlimited WhatsApp messages.

You can be sure, with WASHOOT you are getting optimum results!

Don’t forget to leave your feedback below.

Your comments help us to gather insights on improvements!

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