You are currently viewing WaShoot: The ultimate WhatsApp blasting software name you need to know

WaShoot: The ultimate WhatsApp blasting software name you need to know

WhatsApp Wizard has always tried to bring businesses and clients together. Our WhatsApp blast software, WaShoot, is a modern age bulk messaging tool.

Made to reinvent bulk messaging, it is easy to use and offers features, which are totally unheard of.

Every bulk messaging application or text blasting software, is meant to send important messages to multiple phone numbers.

However with WhatsApp, the situation is not so simple and can violate legal terms. You can’t use the conventional forms of messaging multiple contacts, at the same time, unless you use the broadcast list to send messages to a limited contact group.

WhatsApp has strict messaging protocols; and if you violate them, you will either get blocked or banned on WhatsApp.

WaShoot is built with all these rules and regulations in mind.

Let’s breakdown the points one by one, and see what makes WaShoot the most trusted WhatsApp blasting software name!

Here are 4 awesome inbuilt features of WaShoot:

1. Phone number filter that excludes non-WhatsApp contacts:

Washoot is power to you.

It intelligently filters out the contacts that are not in WhatsApp. Once you manually add numbers into a contact list, Whashoot will work its magic in the background.

It will automatically notify about the numbers that are not using WhatsApp. So, you don’t have to worry of sending texts to invalid WhatsApp numbers.

2. Supports large file attachments:

Most of the text blasting softwares don’t support large attachment sizes, or all file formats. But Washoot enables you to upload any file format of any size, to create your contact list. Be it a spreadsheet, a Word file, a .txt file, or a pdf; you are just good to go.

The upgraded algorithm can decrypt any file type, to extract the phone numbers and generate a ready-to-use contact list.

The most interesting feature is however, it can also extract the names of each of the phone numbers. So, bulk messaging will only get easier and creative for you.

3. Auto-curated contact list of 10 million phone numbers:

We have redesigned our data pipeline systems to collect phone numbers from all of our active databases.

This has given WaShoot the capability to curate a contact list of WhatsApp numbers, those that are interested in promotional messages.

We regularly monitor block lists, unsubscribes, and ignorances. Hence, our list of authentic and free contact list of 10 million WhatsApp numbers will only make your work more effective.

4. Generates customised report after each messaging session:

You get to see feedbacks. There’s no hidden report or sending messages into the blank void.

After each bulk messaging session, a report gets saved to your computer. This process is automatic. Be it for 1 number, or 1 million; you will see a fully precise report.

This helps you to revise your work, exclude the numbers that are not replying back to your messages, and a create a fresh list of potential leads.

WaShoot is built for making WhatsApp blasting one of the most fruitful digital marketing options.

Here’s a difference list, to show what makes WaShoot the most trusted WhatsApp Blasting Software name.
We have leading brands and clients like Coca-Cola, TATA, Spencers, Kotak, and many more to our list of WaShoot users.

Choose WaShoot to know the difference.

What WaShoot has:What other message blasters have:
A free contact list of 10 million WhatsApp numbers.You have to manually create your list by gathering numbers from third party sources.  
Auto exclusion feature for removing non-WhatsApp numbers.  You have to delete the numbers by manually checking the number availability.  
Allows you to add any file format or size.  Most only allows .txt files and .docx.
Receives regular updates for improvements, and maintaining new WhatsApp bulk messaging rules and regulations.Although receives occasional updates, still most of them are not adhering to the strict bulk messaging rules.  

Now you know which WhatsApp blasting Software name, should be your ultimate go-to option. WhatsApp Wizard is a pioneer in WhatsApp marketing. You can also contact us, to get other insights on how to make the most out of WhatsApp, for promoting your business!

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