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Know how growing business gets easier with WhatsApp Marketing!

With time everything changes.

Since Mobile applications came into existence, social networking has become a lot easier to use in our day to day life.

One of the leading ways, to establish connections within groups of people in the present times, is no doubt WhatsApp Messenger App.

WhatsApp Marketing is currently the fastest and a very reliable method for businesses to reach their customers.

WhatsApp lets you send direct messages to a multiple people, at the same time, and that too at authentic cell phone numbers.

This is truly the biggest freedom, a business can have: that is to connect with people at their personal numbers.

Yet still the intricacies and complications involved, in WhatsApp marketing, might make it tough for you to market your business.

There are some rules you must abide by! And, there are few basic tips that you must follow.

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Do go through this post thoroughly and then plan out your strategy of WhatsApp Marketing.

Let’s get the screen rolling!!

Create your WhatsApp fanbase with existing customers:

You should be knowing that WhatsApp is a personal space. The application is meant to help people connect with their personal contacts in a much more private and convenient way.

It is always better to gain approval, of your customers, that they want to subscribe to WhatsApp updates from your business regularly.

You seriously don’t want to mess with the sentiments of people, by messaging them on WhatsApp out of the blue!

And, to be very direct, WhatsApp should never be your first step of marketing!

It should come after you have already made some good deal of customers!!

Think of WhatsApp as a place, where your power to reach people lies in how much of your messages are getting forwarded.

‘Recommendation’ is  the very basic functionality of WhatsApp marketing. It may not be a very good idea to always contact new numbers and send messages.

It is always better to get yourself recommended to new customers, via your existing fanbase on WhatsApp.

This way, you can also reduce spamming (discussed in detail below in a separate point).

Offer special discounts to your customers for connecting on WhatsApp:

But why should people allow your business to connect with them over WhatsApp?? What are their benefits in doing so?

This is why you should be using the marketing strategy of offering coupons and attractive rates for your products and services.

For those of your customers, who have opted for message updates on WhatsApp, they can be produced a link or coupon code; which they can use to avail discounted rates on the purchase of products and services.

The biggest perk of WhatsApp marketing is that, nearly all of the messages are received and read instantaneously. So, you don’t have to worry much about your message campaigns getting skipped or going unnoticed.

Upon getting this benefit, you should also be giving back something in return; so as to keep the ongoing fanbase intact. Hence don’t hesitate to gift a few special items to your customers, who are connected with your business over WhatsApp.

Use a modern age WhatsApp bulk messaging tool:

Yet, when it comes to WhatsApp marketing, one of the most interesting factor of success lies in your ability to reach out to a maximum number of leads spontaneously.

WhatsApp Broadcast messaging enables your business to send messages to only a limited number of people. But, sometimes the requirements count more than this, and you have to purchase an efficient WhatsApp bulk messaging tool.

These bulk messaging tools are built to let you send unlimited WhatsApp bulk messages to multiple authentic numbers, at the same time.

They work marvellously. All you have to do is open up the software on your personal computer, and run WhatsApp in the background. These softwares are typically APIs that run a program, which automatically sends messages to a specified list of WhatsApp contacts.
When needed, these softwares can also generate authentic unknown numbers and send messages. For example if you are using our very own WhatsApp Wizard’s WaShoot, then by default you are getting to access a list of nearly 10 million free authentic WhatsApp numbers.

We update this list regularly, to ensure the list only contains active users’ numbers.

Even though WhatsApp has a few strict rules, for how many numbers you can send messages to in a single spree; still these bulk messengers are smart enough to establish their own message sending patterns, which are unique every time.

Seriously, if you are not planning to use a bulk messaging tool then you are missing out a lot on WhatsApp Marketing.

Do try to use WhatsApp as a social bookmarking tool:

This point never usually crosses the majority of Digital Marketing practitioners, but it is very important to grow your business.

Social Bookmarking is one of the best ways to build the online presence of your website. Every single sharing you do, of your social media posts and business website links, counts towards being a bookmark; on the platform, where the post is shared.

Social Bookmarking is good when it comes to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and other popular social media platforms! But what about WhatsApp?

Can WhatsApp truly become a place for social bookmarking your preferred business posts and updates?

Well of course! WhatsApp gives you unlimited sharing. And, WhatsApp’s inbuilt Group feature can be considered as a small social media zone in itself.

Let’s say, a single group consists of 100 contacts. You can use that group for posting your links and contents.

Yes, it may not stand up to the power of Facebook, or Twitter; but it can very well generate a good deal of 100 authentic traffic!

Avoid spams and push sales at all cost:

WhatsApp is powerful, but make sure you are not meddling with it’s purpose and reasons. It has been made to only help people connect with each other. 

It was later on, that WhatsApp released a Business feature, but in it’s most primitive sense- WhatsApp is still personal.

If you see that any number is ignoring your broadcasts or messages, and has even notified you of any behaviour that they don’t approve; then you should stop sending messages to that number immediately.

WhatsApp is very cautious about spams and trash. If your number gets blocked by many users, then WhatsApp might ban your number forever!

Therefore, when doing WhatsApp Marketing – be it with the use of a WhatsApp Business Account or a WhatsApp bulk messaging tool, you should always refrain from initiating push sales messages and spams.

Make full use of multimedia content:

WhatsApp gives you the power to share beautiful images, Gifs, Clips, and web links. This means you can take business advertisements to the next level with WhatsApp.

Create nice image posts regularly, or send updates to your customers via a Gif. You can even make your own brand video and get it shared on WhatsApp.

No matter what you do, make sure you are making the full use of WhatsApp marketing. WhatsApp is really a very good place for speed sharing Photos, Videos, and other multimedia stuff.

And, with that being said, we are calling this post to an end!

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