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Whatsapp mass message software – why you need this?

In today’s world, we are nothing but handicap without social networking. Among these social networking services, Whatsapp acquires a lion’s share. Even business people depend a lot on Whatsapp to reach their existing & potential customers owing to its mammoth usage. Now, exploiting this advantage if there is a software tool that can take you to your potential customers in mass through an avenue like Whatsapp, should you avoid that? WAshoot is such a Whatsapp mass message software brought to you by Whatsappwizard where you can send your required business promotion or any message related to your business to a huge number of potential customers.

1. Send to unlimited contacts not present in your phone:

Usually one can send a message through Whatsapp only when the destination contact number is saved in the source phone. But the beauty of WAshoot is, you don’t need to keep the destination numbers in your phone. You just have to add them from an excel spreadsheet. And your job is done. After adding the numbers you need to write your message & attach an image or video. And the rest will be taken care of by the software.

2. Send images, videos & documents with text:

Sending drab text never appeals to your customers. So, you can make your business proposals always attractive by adding alluring images & stories through videos. All these you can do with a single click on your computer using this Whatsapp mass message software – Washoot.

3. Important tool for business development:

Business development & creating new customers are the most crucial part of making your business a success. The more new leads you generate, the more chances of selling your products or services are created.

4. Easy to use from windows PC:

The most beautiful part of WAshoot is, it runs on Windows-based PCs. It can be desktop or laptop whatever is convenient for you. Hence, you need not keep your essential smartphone engaged all the time you operate this software. Moreover, it is so easy to use that a kid also can run it or you can use it over a hot evening coffee.

Conclusion On this time of the pandemic, reaching your potential customer has been easy through this Whatsapp mass message software. So, it is high time that an entrepreneur should start using it as soon as possible.

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