You are currently viewing Curious about WhatsApp payments feature? Get the feed!

Curious about WhatsApp payments feature? Get the feed!

The news is out that WhatsApp is now offering a payments feature, coming in-built with the application. But, there’s been a tussle among many users; as to why some can use it, while some can’t even see the feature at all.

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We recently came across the big fuss about the WhatsApp Pay, which is active for a wide number of users.

However, we are also seeing that not everyone is being able to use WhatsApp pay, or see the payments option on WhatsApp.

This article is in respect to the Indian users, as this biased update is facing the most disputes in this specific country.

Any updates, in regard to other countries, shall be updated ASAP based on the information available. 
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Here’s why we are facing the What’sApp Pay Anomaly:

First thing first, the update is rolled out in phases.

NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) was asked not to allow Facebook launch the WhatsApp payment feature, as the current technology and data security rules of India (As per RBI) is going against it!

Data localisation rules of India ask all foreign third party service providers, willing to store sensitive personal data of Indian users, to install servers in India only.

All foreign companies have to abide by this rule, if they want to handle Indian user’s personal data for offering banking related services.

This process of installing servers, in India, is involving budget problems for many companies; and Facebook has to comply to these rules for launching the WhatsApp Pay feature for its Indian users.

As of November, 2020, a significant number of whatsApp users are enjoying the payments feature; especially Android users. Even though this feature is functioning on iOS as well, still only a handsome group of users are feeling privileged.

It’s probably due to the cost associated with introducing WhatsApp Pay, and the pressure of taking care of such a huge amount of data; that WhatsApp is unable to shoot this feature to all of its Indian users, at one go.

How to check and use, the Payment feature update?

Your phone must be running the latest WhatsApp version, for WhatsApp Pay.

On Android, click on the three vertical dots on the top right hand corner of WhatsApp Chat screen. There you should be seeing the payment option.

If it’s visible, then click on Payments and run the authentication, by linking your back account. Make sure that your WhatsApp number is same as the one you use for your bank account.

Once you have successfully set up the payment mode, you can send money to any number registered on UPI (Unified Payments Interface).

On iPhone, go to ‘Settings’, and if you see ‘Payments’ then follow the same process as stated above. Once done, go to any number you want to send money to; and click on “+” attachment sign, to initiate the payment.

If you have not yet received the update:

Then you have to wait out till your time arrives.

You should be able to view the update anytime soon. There’s still a trick that some are applying to forcefully enable the feature.

However, the process is not verified and might create false transactions.

The method is; you have to ask another user, who has received the update, to initiate a payment to your UPI-id on WhatsApp.

You will then receive a request from WhatsApp, to enable WhatsApp Pay; and then you are good to go.

But, it is recommended to wait for the generic update, to avoid complications.

So, what do you think of this WhatsApp Pay update? 

Drop down your queries and thoughts; and mail us directly to get professional assistance regarding all your bulk messaging related issues.

Have a great day ahead!

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