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Why WhatsApp bulk messaging is necessary for small business owners?

Every small business must start with promoting their services based on localisation techniques. It is an absurd thought that a business will excel just by using digital marketing methods randomly.

WhatsApp bulk messaging tools give you the freedom to target the right group of leads, a per your business’s demands and profile.

This article is dedicated to all small business owners, who want to trigger new opportunities by reaching out to a wide number of clients. 

WhatsApp is considered to be one of the best platforms to market your services and products. The transparency you gain with your clients, over WhatsApp chat, is overwhelming and truly effective.

Here’s the explanation, as of why WhatsApp bulk messaging tools are necessary for you.

WhatsApp bulk messaging tools offer localisation:

When your business tends to cater to local clients, or demands region specific pitches, then nothing can give you the platform other as WhatsApp.

With WhatsApp, you get to contact clients on their personal phone numbers. You can select country specific codes, and message your clients directly.

A typical WhatsApp broadcast list gives you limited capability to send multiple messages. 
Once you use a third party bulk messaging tool or API, you will be able to send unlimited messages to unlimited contacts.

Let’s assume you want to target 500 pitches in one specific country. The API will help you to select the country code, and generate authentic WhatsApp user numbers for that region. You can then send your messages to each of the contacts, at one go.

Bulk messaging tools are used by reputed organisations and companies to send auto-generated messages to multiple WhatsApp numbers. 

It is easy, fast, simple, and doesn’t break WhatsApp regulations.

Our very own WhatsApp bulk messaging software- WaShoot is updated regularly to comply to the rules and regulations of WhatsApp. So unless you are using other third party plug-ins, you can be rest assured that you are not violating the terms and conditions of WhatsApp.

With bulk message, your promotions are scheduled:

The problem with small businesses and start-ups is low man-power. Promotions require a dedicated team of skilled professionals, for scheduling the campaigns and running them periodically.

It is the same with WhatsApp bulk messaging as well. You have to schedule your campaigns, select a list of active users, and send messages to only saved numbers; at least that’s the scene with the broadcast list.

However, with a bulk messaging tool, you can easily schedule your messages and have the tool select active users for you.

For example, if you are using WhatsApp Wizard’s WaShoot, then it will provide you with a curated sheet of a million active WhatsApp users. Once you have uploaded this contact list on the software, you can enter a preset time (when you want to send the messages).

The whole process is automated, and no labour involved at all.

WhatsApp Bulk messaging lets you connect emotionally:

A personal chat platform is used by people, for connecting with the contacts they love. When businesses reach a client’s personal contact space, then there are high chances that the trust value will be increased.

WhatsApp bulk messaging tools enable you to send news updates and service notifications to multiple people, on their personal chat space.

Of-course some people do get offended ,when they receive commercial or business messages on WhatsApp; still if your contents are well managed and does not invade privacy, then you will only gain trust and support from the contacts.

And it’s a proven fact that if you can connect with your clients and leads emotionally, then you are bound to achieve a higher success rate for your business.

Our very own WhatsApp bulk messaging tool WaShoot is available for download.Get you quote today, and talk to our experts for assistance.

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